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Hot Rods Hardhat Headband Liner & Bandana Warmers One Pair






Hot Rods Hardhat Headband Liner & Bandana Warmers One Pair



HOT RODS HAND WARMERS  -  The Heat Is On!  -  Contains One Pair

Great For Use In Gloves & Pockets!
Also Designed For Use In HOT RODS Bandanas, Headbands, Hats & More!

* Just Open To Activate
* Warms In Minutes
* Safe - Non-Toxic - Oderless
* Lasts 7 to 11 Hours
* Avg. Temp 135F/57C
* Max. Temp 156F/69C

Stop & Go:
* If warming time is not completely exausted, warming action can be preserved for several days
  by placing in an airtight container such as a zip-seal polybag.

* Open outer package to activate.  Allow several minutes to warm.
* Dispose of as regular garbage after use.  Biodegradable ingredients will not harm environment.

* Iron Powder, Water, Vermiculite, Cellulose, Activated Carbon & Salt.

* To prevent burns, do not use directly against skin or while sleeping.
* Remove immediately if too hot for comfort.
* Do not apply to frosbite.
* Do not use with infants.
* Young children, elderly or handicapped persons should be supervised while using this product.
* Do not use if skin is sensitive to or cannot feel heat.
* Persons with circulatory problems or diabetes should consult a physcian before using.
* Oderless, dry and clean.
* For external use only.
* Store in cool dry place.
* Shelf life up to four years.

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