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48" Crick Five Piece Laminate Hardwood Level






48" Crick Five Piece Laminate Hardwood Masonry & Construction Builders Carpenters Masons Hardwood Level With Green Vials



THE CRICK LEVEL - A Guaranteed Product
Precision-Built for Accuracy and Durability

* Green vials offer better visibility in low light conditions.
* Hardened 16-gauge stainless steel binding.
* Ring shank nails of Cricks own design to keep binding tight.
* 2-Piece hardened stainless steel clips for easier cleaning.
* Hardened 16-gauge stainless steel end caps with black oxide screws.
* Wood is sealed with penetrating type oil.
* Vials are guaranteed to an accuracy of 0.15" in length of level.
* Chemically tempered 1/8" thick lenses sealed with stainless steel retainer clips.

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