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Grout Grunt 0.5 Cu. Ft. Material Mover - Scoop & Pour



Grout Grunt 0.5 Cu. Ft. Material Mover - Scoop & Pour


Take the "GRUNT" out of Grouting!  Introducing Grout Grunt
"Scoop, Pass, Pour"  Grouting has now become that simple!

Put away your shovels and your buckets, the Grout Grunt effectively and efficiently places mixed grout, or any other high density material in CMU 50% faster than conventional methods and much cleaner.  Made from high-density HDPE plastic, the Grunt will withstand your toughest jobs.

  * Grout faster and easier!
  * Grout cleaner, no more wall stains!
  * Weighs under 3 pounds empty and approximately 45 pounds full!
  * Transfer up to 0.5 cubic feet of material each scoop!
  * Saves time (up to 50% faster), Makes money!
  * Designed for the user, erogonomically friendly!
  * Great for extended-set grout.
  * Made in the USA (Patent Pending in USA & Canada)


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