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Masonry Instructional Items


The Masonry Institute of Tennessee
"The Masonry Institute of Tennessee, since its 1981 inception in Memphis, assists those involved in construction to accurately evaluate the many strengths of masonry. It is MIT's mission to provide technical data on the economics of masonry, it's advantages and many uses."


The following is a list of new and used instructional materials related to masonry. Each listing provides a direct link to an page where you may make a purchase if you like. We have had access to only a few of these items so it would be difficult for us to offer much advice as to which ones will best fit your needs. However, in most cases the page will provide you with a brief description of the material along with several customer reviews. For those who want to learn more about masonry work, or just looking for new project ideas, this list of instructional materials would be a great place to start!



Black & Decker

Black & Decker: The Complete Guide to Home Masonry
"The Complete Guide to Home Masonry is the most comprehensive and useful guide to masonry for today's do-it-yourself homeowner."

The Art & Craft of Stonework

The Art & Craft of Stonework
"Go beyond our own primer on drystacking, Stonescaping, with
artistic inspiration, instructions, recipes, and projects for
both dry-stack and mortar techniques."

Reinforced Masonry Engineering Handbook

Reinforced Masonry Engineering Handbook
"Reinforced Masonry Engineering Handbook provides the coefficients,
tables, charts, and design data required for the design
of reinforced masonry structures."

Seismic Design of Reinforced Concrete and Masonry Buildings

Seismic Design of Reinforced Concrete and Masonry Buildings
"Emphasizes actual structural design, not analysis, of multistory buildings
for seismic resistance. Strong emphasis is placed on specific
detailing requirements for construction."

Setting Tile

Setting Tile (Fine Homebuilding)
"Michael Byrne's Setting Tile is packed with more than enough information for those thinking of taking on a tile job in their home."

Computational Modelling of Masonry, Brickwork, and Blockwork Structures

Computational  of Masonry, Brickwork, aModelingnd Blockwork Structures
"This tutorial brings together expert masonry artists from around the world
who detail state-of-the-art techniques for modeling masonry,
brickwork, and blockwork structures."

The Art and Craft of Stonescaping

The Art and Craft of Stonescaping: Setting and Stacking Stone
"If your looking for a book on patios, walkways, steps, or walls this book is a must-have. David Reed has done an excellent job with this book."

Foundations and Concrete Work

Foundations and Concrete Work
"The For Pros By Pros titles are compilations of articles from Fine Homebuilding magazine, selected by the editors of the
magazine and organized by subject."

Masonry Construction Manual

Masonry Construction Manual
"The construction manuals from Edition Detail have set new standards
in the field of specialist literature, becoming an indispensable
part of any architect's library."

Masonry Skills

Masonry Skills (softcover)
"One of the few books written by a master mason and masonry teacher,
this text covers basic masonry skills such as plan reading, scaffolding,
cleaning masonry and concrete work in detail."

The Granite Kiss

The Granite Kiss: Traditions and Techniques of Building
New England Stone Walls

"In this elegant, literate primer, a master stonemason imparts the
fundamentals of building traditional New England dry stone walls,
along with thoughts on the history, aesthetics, and philosophy
of the craft of placing stone."

Masonry Design and Detailing

Masonry Design and Detailing
"After the engineer had mastered the basics and could design a masonry
building using the equations then, with that understanding and
experience, could make use of the design tables in this book."

The Stonebuilder's Primer

The Stonebuilder's Primer: A Step-By-Step Guide for Owner-Builders
"Now back by popular demand Long's The Stonebuilder's Primer is a highly readable account of the couple's successful effort to build a house
that will outlast anything made of wood."

Building with Masonry

Building with Masonry: Brick, Block & Concrete
"Provides all the basics on tools and materials, estimating materials needed for any project, descriptions and diagrams of bond patterns and wall types, fundamentals of laying brick and block, and clear, useful information on
masonry repair and restoration for preexisting work."

Building Stone Walls

Building Stone Walls
"Basic tools, basic techniques, illustrations and photographs, and
all the planning and safety instructions you will need to
build a variety of stone walls."

Building With Stone

Building With Stone
"Building With Stone is an introduction to the art and craft of creating stone structures and projects by a man who has made stonework his vocation."

Complete Book of Cordwood Masonry Housebuilding

Complete Book of Cordwood Masonry Housebuilding:
The Earthwood Method

"Rob Roy, cordwood's most famous builder, with the help of nearly 300 photos and how-to illustrations with easy-to-follow directions, shows
how and how not to build your very own stunning log-end home."

Masonry and Steel Detailing Handbook

Masonry and Steel Detailing Handbook
"Includes 60 common masonry and steel component details, each
illustrated in plan view, cross section, and isometric form."

Stonework: Techniques and Projects

Stonework: Techniques and Projects
"Fully illustrated, step-by-step instructions for twenty-two attractive
projects, including garden paths and walls, porches, pools,
seats, waterfalls, and even a bridge."

Basic Concrete Engineering for Builders

Basic Concrete Engineering for Builders
"The clear instructions, and simplified explanations along with excellent diagrams, charts and graphics helped even me comprehend the
complexities of concrete engineering into a language that any builder
could understand and actually apply on the next job."


"Whether you're a homeowner wanting to do your own repairs, a trade
apprentice seeking to sharpen your skills, or a veteran craftsman or
contractor with years of experience, you'll turn to this complete
guide to bricklaying again and again."

Simplified Design of Masonry Structures

Simplified Design of Masonry Structures
"This practical volume provides a thorough grounding in the design of masonry structures for buildings ówith clear and easy-to-grasp
coverage of basic materials, construction systems, building codes,
industry standards, and simple computations for structural
elements of commonly used forms of masonry."

Masonry & Concrete Construction

Masonry & Concrete Construction
"Nolan's Masonry and Concrete Construction is an excellent
introduction to the many forms of brick, block, and
concrete materials applications."

Step-By-Step Outdoor Stonework

Step-By-Step Outdoor Stonework: Over Twenty Easy-To-Build
Projects for Your Patio and Garden

"This is a project book, with more than 20 easy-to-build projects for patio
and garden using a variety of stone."

Design of Structural Elements: Concrete, Steelwork, Masonry and
Timber Design to British Standards and Eurocodes

"Provides an introduction to the design of structural elements in
concrete, steel, timber and masonry.  Philosophy of design.
Basic structural concepts and material properties."

The Art of the Stonemason

The Art of the Stonemason
"The author, a fifth-generation master stonemason who has worked on the
U.S. Capitol building as well as numerous edifices in his native Scotland, has
compiled an impressive guide to both building and restoring stonework."

Building with Masonry

Building with Masonry: Brick, Block, and Concrete
"This is a valuable guide for novice brick masons. The author is an expert
who takes you through the basics of materials, tools, layout, and a
good selection of projects for around the house."

Stonework and Masonry Projects

Stonework and Masonry Projects:
New Projects in Stone, Brick & Concrete

"Long taken for granted as a building material, stone and masonry have
recently seen an explosion in consumer interest, as new materials and techniques make it possible for homeowners to design and build
almost any masonry project."

The Art & Craft of Stonework

The Art & Craft of Stonework
"Go beyond our own primer on drystacking, Stonescaping, with
artistic inspiration, instructions, recipes, and projects for both
dry-stack and mortar techniques."

Formwork for Concrete
"This is a classic text for concrete formwork design. It is loaded with information,
including step-by-step design of wall forms, many useful tables regarding
allowable spacing/loads on plywood, joists, and stringers."

Foundations & Concrete Work

Foundations & Concrete Work: The Best of Fine Homebuilding
"Professional builders, masons, and engineers show you how to mix and
cure concrete for lasting installations, build a concrete or block
foundation, avoid the most common mistakes in concrete and masonry."

Alternative Housebuilding

Alternative Housebuilding
"Build a home using logs, adobe, stone, cordwood, rammed earth, or earth-sheltered methods for less money and lower energy costs.
Includes information and diagrams detailed enough to
construct seven different homes."

Modern Masonry: Brick, Block, Stone (Job Practice Manual)
"Provides a thorough grounding in safe methods of laying brick, block, and stone,
as well as a broad understanding of materials and their properties."

Masonry Estimating
"Step-by-step instructions for estimating the cost of nearly any type of masonry work. Covers takeoffs, estimating mortar, wall reinforcements and treatments, labor
and material costs, and how to bid competitively."

Step-By-Step Outdoor Brickwork

Step-By-Step Outdoor Brickwork:
Over 20 Easy-To-Build Projects for Your Yard and Garden

"Over twenty easy-to-make projects that even beginners can build
and design successfully!"

Basic Masonry

Basic Masonry (Sunset New Basic)
"If you know absolutely not the first thing about masonry, here's an
excellent basic starter book from the editors of Sunset Magazine
that includes clear explanations of tools, materials, and step-by-step
guidelines for a wide range of masonry projects for the do-it-yourselfer."

The Backyard Stonebuilder

The Backyard Stonebuilder: Stonebuilding Projects for the Weekend Mason
"Charles Long, stonebuilding expert, will show readers how to build stone barbecues, entryways, and other home improvements."

Cement Concrete Pavements
"For government or company engineers in charge of civil engineering projects, explains the design, construction, monitoring, and maintenance of
cement concrete pavements."

Stone in Architecture: Properties, Durability
"This book surveys the important stone properties, both physical and chemical,
pertinent to the architect's, engineer's and stone producer's needs."

Design of Reinforced Masonry Structures

Design of Reinforced Masonry Structures
"The author includes appropriate theory for design and construction methods and prevailing codes and specifications required by the industry."

Reinforced Concrete Design (5th Edition)

Reinforced Concrete Design (5th Edition)
"Using a straight-forward, step-by-step, problem-solution formatówith
an abundance of fully-worked sample problemsóthis book provides an elementary, non-Calculus, practical approach to the design and analysis
of reinforced concrete structural members."

Structural Masonry

Structural Masonry
"Reviews the principles underlying structural masonry design, based on theoretical and experimental research of the past three decades, during which the principles of structural engineering have been applied to stone buildings."


"Includes information on the new international building code, business planning, job interviewing, as well as an Industry Buyer's Guide."



Masonry International [MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION]
"Journal of masonry research and practice contains review, original papers on masonry research, experimental results and new design methods."

Masonry Construction [MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION]
"For firms engaged in the construction and/or design of work involving all
methods of masonry building."


Construction Equipment [MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION]
"Provides detailed coverage of heavy equipment and trucks. Concerned with
management, purchasing, maintenance, use and new product evaluation, as well as
with trends in industry, government and the economy."



2002 CD Estimator

2002 CD Estimator
"CD Estimator provides 85,000 construction costs for new construction, remodeling, renovation and insurance repair, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and painting. It also features the National Estimator program to help you figure out how much the work should cost to complete."

Construction Estimating Reference Data/Book and Disk

Construction Estimating Reference Data/Book and Disk
"This book uses "unit pricing" or "flat rate pricing," a helpful way to e
stimate a project when you are sure the pricing reflects your material
and labor costs plus the correct markup for your business."

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