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Masonry Related Associations

MIT - The Masonry Institute of Tennessee

AIA National - American Institute of Architects

AIA Tennessee -
State Chapter:  American Institute of Architects

ACI International - American Concrete Institute

ASTM - American Society for Testing and Materials

The Boston Society of Architects

The Brick Industry Association

International Masonry Institute

Mason Contractors Association of America

Masonry Institute of America

The Masonry Society

National Concrete Masonry Assoication

Portland Cement Association

Southeast Cement Promotion Association, Inc.

- Southern Brick Institute

The Stone Foundation

Local Contractor Links

Jackson Masonry
Contact: Rogers Jackson
657 Old Hickory Blvd.
Nashville, TN 37209
Phone:  615-352-4996
Fax:  615-352-4998
Contact: Andy Sneed
1138 Second Avenue North
Nashville, TN 37208
Phone: 615-244-9090
Fax: 615-726-2643

Miscelaneous Industry Links

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The "ULTIMATE Construction Loan™" lets YOU be the general contractor even without a builder's license! Get virtually unlimited draws disbursed directly to your checking account and maintain TOTAL OWNER-BUILDER CONTROL!

Injection Molding Plastic and Machines
Offers Internet's best source for information on injection molding machines and plastic resins.

About Welding
One of the biggest welding sites on the Internet - with thousands of pages of information on welding and much more!

Plumbing Tools
Offers a wide variety of plumbing tools to choose from. We have ultrasonic leak detectors, pipeline leak detection, pipe and wire locators, self-lighting hand torches, mapp and propane gas torches and much more.

Trinity Steel Buildings, LLC
Steel Buildings at Trinity Steel Buildings. Your source for steel building designs, metal buildings, commercial steel buildings and metal storage buildings.

Concrete Resurfacing Associates
An independent industry organization which promotes decorative concrete resurfacing companies and related products and services.

Tools 4 Flooring

The #1 source for quality flooring tools and supplies is
We carry everything from grout to demolition equipment.

Used-Heavy Equipment

Ironbuilt Steel Buildings

Ironbuilt Steel Buildings Factory designs and manufactures steel buildings and metal buildings used as storage buildings, commercial buildings, warehouse buildings, horse barns, church buildings, pole buildings, farm buildings, and more.

Water Coolers UK
Unique fixed price bottled water coolers for office drinking water.

Water Splash
Plumbed in pure chilled filtered water coolers and fountains.

Tools and Equipment Resources
Directory of Tools and Equipment related websites.

Miscelaneous Local Links

Durable Supply Company


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