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Kraft Tool  Co.
Kraft Tool  Co.
"Kraft Tool is a leading manufacturer of
professionalcontractor tools for the trowel trades. Supplying tools and accessories for Concrete, Masonry, Stone, Plaster and Drywall ."

Norton Norton
"For over 110 years, Norton has provided the
innovative abrasive products and solutions
that our customers require."

"Contractors buy Stabila because our levels
enable them to make fast and accurate installations. Our levels are the most accurate, durable, and reliable levels in the construction industry, and they are guaranteed for life."

Marshalltown Trowel Company Marshalltown Trowel Company
"Focusing on quality and commitment to excellence for over
100 years, the Marshalltown Trowel Companyhas
grown to become one of the world's largest
manufacturers of masonry and related hand tools."

"At SLIME, we're always fine tuning our formulations.  Our aggressive product testingand R&D continues to make SLIME the sealantof choice in many markets and industries."

Ames True Temper Ames True Temper
"Ames True Temper is the world's largest manufacturer of non-powered
 lawn and garden tools, including long handle tools, hose reels,
cutting tools, snow tools, striking tools and wheel goods."

Danish Tool Productions
"Over the years we have helped your customers to develop new products or improve the existing product range and
we have gained experience from a
wide range of industries.

MTA Distributors MTA Distributors
"MTA Distributors is America's largest rental equipment
distributor. We supply rental and lawn & garden companies with
the finest light construction and lawn & garden equipment available."

Hitachi Power Tools Hitachi Power Tools
"Hitachi Power Tools manufactures, markets,
distributes and services a complete line of
professional grade tools and accessories."

Diedrich Technologies Diedrich Technologies
"Diedrich Technologies stands behind their products and strives to meet customer requirements consistent with quality standards."

Blitz USA Blitz USA
"Blitz prides itself as being one of the top plastic
manufacturers, providing quality products and
sellingthem at competitive prices worldwide."

Bosch Bosch
"From the beginning the engineers and technicians at Bosch
have not only built tools, they have developed visions
and then translated them into a reality."

Sandell Manufacturing Company Inc. Sandell Manufacturing Company Inc.
"For fifty years Sandell Manufacturing Company Inc. has produced
Thru-Wall copper flashings that have a rock solid reputation."

Kennison Forest Products, Inc. Kennison Forest Products, Inc.
"Kennison Forest Products, Inc. is a nationwide supplier of premium quality DI65 Solid Sawn Southern Yellow Pine Scaffold Plank."

Master Master
"Master is the leading provider of quality, portable heaters and generators in major market for construction, based on an unaided study by the American Rental Association for professional applications."

Stringliner Company Stringliner Company
"Stringliner Company manufactures and markets quality construction tools for the experienced contractor
or the do-it-yourself handy man."

Target Target
"Target is the world's leading manufacturer of cutting products
to the masonry, concrete, asphalt and tile industries."

"WALL SAFETY is a manufacturer of fall protection products
sold to the Industrial, Construction and Utility industries."

Eagle Manufacturing Company Eagle Manufacturing Company
"Eagle is an industry leader in supplying the highest
quality-best value safety cans, safety storage cabinets,
and hazardous waste management systems."

Crick Tool Crick Tool
"We have combined old-fashioned quality craftmanship
with modern equipment to create a premium grade level."

Poly-America Poly-America
"Dedicated to providing the highest quality polyethylene
products, our staff of chemical and process engineers
utilize all available modern technology."

The Fairbanks Company The Fairbanks Company
"For more than 165 years expansion of product lines and consolidation of manufacturing facilities, products and markets have led the company to its current stature as a producer of casters, wheels, handtrucks, dollies and related products."

Sutton Diamond Tool Sutton Diamond Tool
"Diamond is the hardest substance known to man and the best cutting tool for hard construction, industrial, and stone materials."

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