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Twist n' Grout - For Easy Grout Bag Masonry Grout Application






Twist n' Grout - For Easy Grout Bag Masonry Grout Application



TwistnGrout is going to change the way that you apply grout. Itís going to help apply grout faster, more comfortably, and make your grout bags last longer.

Over 5 years of research and development went into making TwistnGrout a tool that will make every masonís work easier. The developers of TwistnGrout are masons with over 60 years of combined masonry experience. They have used the TwistnGrout everyday, starting from the earliest prototypes, for years and canít imagine working without it.


Twist n' Grout Benefits:

* Easy to use
* Speeds application of grout by 850%
* Extends life of grout bags by 200%
* For use with standard-sized grout bags
* Easy to learn
* Saves time and money
* Proven to lower total cost of grout application
* Makes application of grout comfortable
* Made of tough, durable, impact-resistant ABS plastic
* More comfortable to use than standard application methods
* Made in U.S.A.
* Creates a more even grout application
* Wastes less grout and mortar
* Guaranteed for durability and against defects


Twist n' Grout Instructions:

1. Fill the grout bag with grouting material.

2. Open and clamp Twist N Grout around the opening of the groutbag.  (Make sure to leave enough space on the grout bag for Twist N Grout)

3. Once grout bag is securely fastened to the Twist N Grout, twist the handle of the Twist N Grout to let out grouting material to desired applications.


Twist n' Grout Testimonials:

Steve Ė Hartford, CT
TwistnGrout is a simple idea, but it makes a job that I hate doing, a whole lot easier.

Mike Ė Sudbury, MA
We use ours all the time. I canít imagine working without it.

Tim Ė Ledyard, CT
One of my workers left both our TwistnGrouts when we were finished on one of our job sites. The next day I made him drive the 50+ miles to get them back. Yep, theyíre that valuable.

Carlos Ė Waterbury, CT We go through grout bags like water. But Iíve noticed that since with started using your TwistnGrout, the bag are lasting about a day longer most of the time. That saves money and time and who doesnít like that.


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