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United Brand UB Series Clear Lightweight Protective Eyewear






United Brand UB Series Clear Lightweight Protective Eyewear



UB Series Clear Lightweight Protective Eyewear (12 Pack)



United Brand UB Series
The UB Series provides maximum style and protection at a minimum cost.  The super lightweight spectacle offers near total eye orbital seal and features flexible bayonet temples and universal nose bridge for compliance and comfort.


Safety spectacles provide protection against moderate hazards, metal chips, particles and sparks. Tinted lenses provide sun glare protection only and are not to be worn in wielding environments. Special welding lens provide protection from infrared rays and have the shade number stamped on each lens. All lenses provide virtually 100% protection from ultraviolet rays.
Safety spectacles provide limited protection and are not unbreakable. Please refer to your ANSI manual or a safety specialist for proper selection as some operations may require faceshields, machine guards, etc. in addition to spectacles.

Fitting Instructions:  In putting on the protector, use both hands to pull the temples apart enough to guide them safely into a comfortable position so that the protector fits securely.

Cleaning Instructions:  Wash with mild soap or detergent and warm water. Rinse clean, and then remove excess water with soft tissue or cloth. DO NOT use ammonia, alkaline cleaners, solvents or abrasive cleaners.

Storing Instructions:  Store in a clean dry area.

Inspection Criteria and Determination of End of Useful Life:  Discard immediately when crazing, pitting or scratches reduce vision.

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