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Cowboy Construction Safety Hard Hats - Assorted Occu Nomix






Cowboy Construction Safety Hard Hats - Occu Nomix Black



OccuNomix International LLC Vulcan Cowboy Hardhat
This new stylish American classic cowboy hard hat will encourage your workers to wear their hard hats even when they don't need to.  The durable outer shell is constructed of high-density polyethylene that resists penetration, deflects blows to the head from falling objects, reduces danger from exposure to low and high voltage electrical conduvtors, is slow burning and water resistant.  
Made in the USA.  Features include a custome curled extra wide brim for more UV and rain protection than standard or full brim hard hats plus a vintage inspired pinch-front top for authentic cowboy appeal. Available in a variety of colors.  One size fits most.  
Complies with ANSI Z89.1, Type 1, Class E, G & C.

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