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Crick Tool Masonry & Construction Builders Level Care Kit






Crick Tool Masonry & Construction Builders Level Care Kit



Level Care Kit Includes:

1 Pint Of Raw Linseed Oil
6 Replacement Lenses
12 Replacement Lens Clips
1 Crick Tool Level Hook
1 Putty Knife - Lens Clip Removal Tool


To Replace The Lenses On Your Crick Level

To make the job easier you will need:
  Vice and C-clamp or two C-clamps                  Small, block of wood
  Small wood chisel, 1/4" - 1/2"                          Punch or nail set
  Hammer                                                             Utility knife
  Window cleaner                                                 Rags or paper towels
  Putty knife


2.  Clamp level to work bench with the window to be repaired hanging over the edge of the work surface.

3.  To prevent wood around the edge of the window opening from splitting, place a small wood block on the face of the level (on the far side) as close to the ring as possible. Hold in place with a C-clamp.

4.  The retainer ring is made of two U-shaped pieces that butt midway on each straight side of the window. Slide the chisel (bevel side down) under the end of one clip next to the wood block. Hold your other thumb against the clip to keep it from flying out as you gently pry up on it. Remove second clip in the same manner.

5.  Remove C-clamp and wood block.

6.  Be sure you are wearing your safety glasses. Place punch at edge of lens (away from vil) and tap gently with hammer in order to break glass in smaller, more manageable pieces. Remove broken glass carefully.

7.  Clean out old sealer with utility knife.

8.  Clean sealer from old clips.

9.  Clean new lens and drop into window opening.

10.  After lens is in place, run bead of sealer (size of pencil lead) around edge of glass against the wood. Crick likes latex caulk because you can clean up with a damp rag, but silicone, putty, etc., are fine.

11.  Put one leg of clip against the far side of the window opening. Push the other leg of the clip forward with a putty knife while pushing down with thumb.

12.  Push in the middle of the clip with the putty knife until the curve of the clip matches the curve of the window.

13.  Place the end of the second clip against the end of the first clip. Push the near side of the second clip toward the center of the window opening with the putty knife while pushing down with your thumb until it seals into place.

14.  Clean away sealing compound.

*Instructions provided by CRICK TOOL and is included in the Level Care Kit with illustrations.

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