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Lufkin 6' Red End Standard Brick Mason's Folding Rule #636






Lufkin 6' Red End Standard Brick Mason's Folding Rule #636



Lufkin® Red End® Brick Mason's Rulers #636 & #656

* Used by bricklayers.
* Graduated vertical inches to 1/16ths, both edges.
* Brick mason's scale on inside, red course counters numbered consecutively.
* Regular outside markings in black.
* Using the Lufkin® "Red End" #636 Brick Mason's Rule is easy and fast.
* To Take a measurement when mortar thickness is known:  As an example, assume mortar thickness is 1/2" and the average thickness of brick is 2 1/4".  Added they would give a 2 3/4" course.  Simply place your thumbnail on the edge of the rule at 2 3/4", turn over to the other side, and your thumbnail will be on the scale 6 mark.  This is the correct scale to use under the above conditions.  Correct readings from the top edge of bricks are at scale 6.    This rule speeds up correct scaling when an open space is to be bricked.  There is but one simple operation when only space is known.  Just measure the space with the scale side of the rule to the closet scale mark.  This will give you the correct scale to use.  For instance, assume that a space 37" is to be bricked.  Using the Brick Mason's scale side of the rule to measure, the 37" figure falls between scale 4 and scale 8.  Checking both these scales, by the previously described thumbnail method, at the starting end of the rule, it is found that scale 4 is equal to 2 5/8" and scale 8 is equal to 2 7/8".  If  the brick to be used averages 2 1/2", scale 4 would allow 1/8" joint and scale 8 a 3/8" joint.  The more satisfactory of these two size joint thickness can be selected for the job.  The brick industry is using more oversize brick (also referred to as "queen" or "king size" brick).  The estimates are about 40% of the brick sold is oversize.  These bricks have a height of 2 3/4" vs. 2 1/4" for the standard or modular brick.  Due to the number of requests from brick masons, we now offer the new #656 brick mason wood rule.  The #656 rule has brick spacings at 2 7/8ths and go to 3 1/2" in 1/16" increments.  The brick spacings will be identified by black letters A through K.  Letters are used to prevent confusion with spacings shown on #636.  The #656 rule is printed yellow compared to white for the #636.

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