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Rhino 6' Brick Mason's Heavy-Duty Fiberglass Folding Ruler






Rhino 6' Standard Spacing Brick Mason Fiberglass Folding Ruler



Rhino Heavy-Duty Fiberglass 6' Folding Rule
The 1619 BG Brick Spacing Ruler is used for laying standard residential sized bricks.  With this ruler, each equally spaced courses of brick is signified by the same number:  "1's" through "0's".  Each space allows for the brick plus the mortar joint.
Rhino Rulers
The RHINO RULER was developed by a contractor working "hands on" in the field.  Wooden spacing rulers he used simply did not stand up to the extreme weather conditions he faced... they would warp, the paint would peel off, and the worst of all, they break very easily.
Through extensive research and field testing, the final product is a weather proof folding ruler that can take as much abuse from the elements as you do.

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