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Lufkin 6' Red End Mason's Modular Brick Spacing Folding Rule #646






Lufkin 6' Red End Modular Brick Spacing Folding Rule #646



Lufkin® Red End® Modular Spacing Ruler #646
* All sections have square ends.
* Every joint opens on even number.
* Inside marked with 6 scales in a 16" module.  The scales are as follows:  2 courses in 16" space (for concrete blocks and glass blocks); 3 courses in 16" space (for facing tile); 4 courses in 16" space ( for small facing tile and economy brick); 5 courses in 16" space (for engineered brick); 6 courses in 16" space ( for Roman brick).  Scales include mortar space and spacing for 6" and 12" blocks.
* Outside is graduated on both edges to 1/16th.
* The first end section is a short section which permits butting the rule on the first 16" module.

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