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Kraft 4 Tapes In 1 - 25 Ft. Mason's Layout & Coursing Rule






Kraft 4 Tapes In 1 - 25 Ft. Mason's Layout & Coursing Rule



4 Tapes In 1 - Professional Mason's Layout and Coursing Rule
25' Mason's Rule covers all brick sizes:  Modular, Queen sized, King sized, Pavers and Brick-Block up to 4" high.  Great layout tool.  16" Mark on tape serves as a counter to easily determine the number of blocks or studs to locate wall tie points.

Mason's Layout & Coursing Rule
This is a combination spacing rule that takes the place of the modular, standard and the oversized brick spacing rule for spacing from 2-3/8 to 4 inches.
There is a red pin set at 3-1/32" for quick reference for most King & Queen sized brick.

Modular Brick Spacing Rule With Course Counter
This part of the rule is used to lay out the brick bond for M modular is 7-5/8 and a 3/8 inch mortar joint. The Q is for Queen sized brick that is 8-5/8 inch long and 3/8 inch joint and the K King sized brick is 9-5/8 inch long and a 3/8 inch joint.  All small numbers adjacent to letters are brick counters for layout and coursing.

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