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GATORBACK Mortarboard - Mud Pan


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GATORBACK Mortarboard - Mud Pan


Good For Mortar Great For Masons:
The quality of work and level of production displayed by any tradesman is directly related to the tools they use to get the job done.  When 50% of the total project cost is labor, give your masonry crew the best tools available and you will get higher production, everyday.  Because Gatorback mortarboards don't suck the moisture from mortar; they can increase the board life of mortar by 20-25 minutes.  The net benefit: your masons are consistently using a more workable mortar and your tenders are not wasting time "shaking up mud" throughout the job.  Not only are Gatorback boards extremely tough, they increase productivity, everyday!

Water Resistant, Concave Surface:

Will not absorb water from the mortar which increases board life and reduces time wasted on retempering.  This ensures only good, workable mortar is used for higher production.

Engineered ABS Construction:
Made of lightweight, impact resistant material.  Gatorback boards will withstand the daily abuse of hammers and trowels in both hot and below freezing climates.  They're tested to be tough; try breaking one.

Integrated Handle:
Allows the mason to easily and safely carry multiple mortar boards by hand for quick and efficient set up times.  The handle makes daily job site clean up easy and quick so your mortar boards are not left behind or stolen.  Your tenders will love this, so will you!

Reinforced Ribbing:
The patent pending rib structure enables the mortar board to hold as much as 125 pounds of material without flexing more than an inch.  Due to their rigidity and strength, Gatorbacks work with steel stands, scaffold plank or masonry units.

It's Engineered:
The Gatorbakc's patented dished, lip less work area allows masons to get a trowel full of mortar without friction, snags of loss of material.  To maximize daily production, a mason must maintain a consistent, natural range of motion without wasted movements.  As a result, the Gatorback's unique design provides a smooth working surface that will not absorb water from mortar, but will extend the mortar's board life, ultimately increasing a mason's production.  Because the dished area is centrally located, this pan effect also retains the mortar and any additional water added for retempering.

It's Durable:
The sign of a good tool is directly related to its durability.  Gatorback mortarboards are injection molded from a hybrid blend of impact resistant materials to withstand the hardest abuse.  This mortarboard will never absorb water nor allow mortar to form a permanent bond and can be kept clean with the smack of a hammer.  Go ahead; hit it hard!  The board is so tough it will only flex 1.5" with 200 pounds stacked in the dead center.  Mental note: one cubic foot of mortar weighs roughly 125 pounds, so load up the Gatorback!

It's Portable And Light:

The handle on the Gatorback is deliberately positioned to enable masons and tenders to carry their mortarboards at their sides, vertically, in an ergonomically correct method.  Considering each board weighs just 5.5 pounds and is less than an inch thick, a mason or tender can effortlessly transport 8-10 Gatorbacks at one time (4-5 per hand) without back strain or stress.  The handle is perfectly sized so as many as 80 to 100 boards can be slid on the forks of a job site lift and elevated to crews working on scaffolding.

It's An Investment:
If your people are your greatest asset, reward and motivate them with the best tools - especially tools that last for years.  Gatorback mortarboards are good assets for your company and they show your masonry team you care about them and the quality of their work.  If you think your masons and tenders are good now, give them Gatorbacks and watch daily production increase significantly!!!


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