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Pink Label Stone Biter Tungsten Carbide Masonry Handsaw



Pink Label Stone Biter Tungsten Carbide Masonry Handsaw


Manufacturer Product Information:
"With a similar tooth shape as our pink reciprocating saw blades this is a strong and fast cutting handsaw and of course self-sharpening. This will cut nicely in light gas concrete and plaster blocks but it is designed to the more hard stones like bricks and such. The two sizes at optimized to the different stone sizes and how much of handsaws end-users actually use."
"The tungsten carbide teeth on these handsaws are placed onto the handsaw using the special “root-tooth” design, which was developed by our technicians in this way the lifetime is extended and the force need to cut the stone is reduced. The technicians have also developed the special handle to improve the work experience."
"The Stone Biter is the next generation of tungsten carbide tipped handsaws. They are used for cutting in cellular concrete, insulating boards, Poroton blocks, furnace-lining insulating bricks as well as other building bricks and blocks."
"With the very aggressive design of the teeth, it is not necessary to use force when cutting the handsaw will do all the work for you. The handsaws come in either a fine tooth pitch or in a combination of fine and rough."
"The special designed handle is made of mahogany and gives you a great control over the handsaw when cutting. On this handle you place the thumb on top of the handle in this way the control is optimized, and the risk for making a bad cut is minimized."


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