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Orange Tungsten Carbide Self-Sharpening Reciprocating Saw Blade



Orange Tungsten Carbide Self-Sharpening Reciprocating Saw Blade


Manufacturer Product Information:
"This is the newest reciprocating saw blade in our range of masonry cutting reciprocating saw blades and we have made it more versatile as this blade will not only cut in a wide range of bricks and building blocks but it will actually also cut in wood because we have used the special self-sharpening tooth design that we have developed."
"This tungsten carbide tipped reciprocating saw blade is a fast cutting saw blade when used for cutting in hard bricks and building blocks it will however also cut in normal bricks and blocks. It is a very popular saw blade because of its all-round capabilities."
"It is a fine and fast cutting saw blade with 6 teeth per inch. The large rectangular tungsten carbide teeth has a shape and an angle, which combines speed with the strength of tungsten carbide teeth thereby improving the lifetime of this special saw blade. This reciprocating saw blade has the unique "roof"-teeth setting. The "roof"-teeth setting is where the tungsten carbide is placed on the back of the teeth, and in that way increasing the lifetime and strength of the saw blade."


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