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5/16" Carbide Angle Grinder Mortar Joint Tuck-Pointing Router Tip



5/16" Carbide Angle Grinder Mortar Joint Tuck-Pointing Router Tip


Manufacturer Product Information:
"The newest development within routers for mortar joints, this is a full tungsten carbide router tip that will fit into our new Universal adaptor for angle grinders. The router tip is a very aggressive and will work fast in the joints. This router will last about twice as long as our other routers simply by the fact that this router tip can be used in both ends, when worn down in one end it is taken out of the adaptor and the worn down end is reinserted and the router tip is ready for use again."
"Unlike diamond wheels the routers will work both the horizontal as well as the vertical joins they will even make a desired radius, which is often useful when inserting water pipes in the wall of bricks, plaster and gas concrete blocks."


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