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Transparent Carbide Rough Material Trimming & Planning Disc



Transparent Carbide Rough Material Trimming & Planning Disc


Manufacturer Product Information:
"This tool is indeed different not only in quality. This disc will work very well in all types of wood it can be soft, hard or laminated the disc will make it easy to carve or trim the wood."
"For wood this is ideal for the rough trimming and planning yet leaving a very fine surface not matter what type of wood you work in it can be soft or hard or it can be mixed wood such as chip boards or laminated wood. This disc is also ideal if there is a risk of nails in the wood maybe if you are working in a doorframe or pallet."
"The advantages by this disc is: Because the disc is planning the material we get low dust development. The disc is very easy to control. Depending on the pressure that is applied the disc will either be fast or not so fast. It is transparent while working giving full view of the situation. It works on small low watt grinders in that way saving energy. The tungsten carbide can be re-sharpened. A special safety shield, that has to go on the angle grinder, has been developed for this disc."


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