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TK Equipment Mortar Mixers

TK Equipment Mortar Mixers

MM60 Toker TK Equipment Mortar Mixer W/5.5 HP Honda Engine






MM60 Toker TK Equipment Mortar Mixer W/8 HP Honda Engine


TK Equipment Mortar Mixers

  Models MM60 and MM80 Mortar Mixers

* Single piece 1 3/4" square central shaft rather than welding at both ends, this gives us more strength.
* Durable 3/16"thick drum, 50% thicker than other companies (available with 1/4" steel).
* Cast Iron Trunion with triple sealed bearing.
* Cast Iron Pillow Block gives more durability.
* Life Time Warranty on drum bearing.
* Standard safety chain, with 2 secure lock nuts.
* Quick access, front disengage and protected through the inside of the T-frame
* Solid T-frame construction and reinforced leg.
* Heavy duty steel hood latch rather than rubber.
* High speed hubs with a greasable zerk.
* Honda Power and reliability.
* Heavy duty and efficient ventilation shroud.
* Emergency stop switch.
* Heavy duty safety grid with built in bag cutter.


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