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Target 1-1/2 HP Electric Model Portasaw Portable Masonry Saw

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Electric Model Portasaw

High-Torque Motors
* Operates with a run and start capacitor. The dual capacitor increases power efficiency and
    reduces running amperage.
* Single phase, 60 Hz motors are equipped with a manual overload reset button.

1-1/2 HP Single Volt Electric Model
* Can be used virtually anywhere on any electrical circuit (115 volt, 15 amp) without overloading
    the breaker.

Integrated Water System
* Electric water pump is self-priming and thermally protected.
* Easy to clean and service.
* Water flow valve is a solid brass fixture.


Portasaw Portable Masonry Saw

Quick-Mount Cutting Head
* Patented cutting head design allows easy removal of the powerhead for transportaion.
* The bearing collar folds down, so the entire cutting head assembly can be easily lifted off.

2 Pivot Points
* Only two pivot points for reduced saw maintenance and longer diamond blade life.
* Cutting head pivots on bearings which are sealed and lubricated for life.
* Bearings are seated in a machined saddle, on a heavy-duty support, for precise alignment
    that lasts.

Patented Sta-Level Blade Guard
* Zinc-plated leveling arm with quick disconnect fittings keeps guard parallel to table for
    accurate and extra safety.
* Spring tension counterbalances cutting head.
* Saws cutting head height can be adjusted with a convenient lock handle located on the                    
    counter-balance arm or with the optional foot pedal kit.

Three Methods of Cutting Operation
* Fixed head - Simply position the head to the desired height, then tighten the lock handle.
    Material can then be pushed toward the blade.
* Hold the handle and lower the blade into the material. The blade will return to the upper position
    when force is released.
* With the use of the optional foot pedal kit, the operator can use their feet to lower the blade into
    the material for a more hands-free operation.

Blade Shaft and Bearings
* Provide extended blade life and reduced maintenance.
* Blade flanges are precision-machined for secure clamping of the blade.
* A standard blade shaft wrench is included.

Durable Conveyor Cart
* The cart is cast aluminum for greater strength and rigity.
* Movable rip guide and ruler aid in making precise cuts.
* A vulcanized rubber top is permanently bonded to the cart.
* Wheels are made of non-corrosive metal for long life. They will not deform or nick, resulting
    in more accurate cuts and lower maintenance.
* Cart rides on the sturdy frame of the water pan.

Heavy Frame
* New, removable side handles for ease of transport.
* The "X" braced steel frame resists flexing.
* Open throat design for clear passage of large material.
* Powder coat painted for protection against scratches, rust and corrosion.

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