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Target 5-1/2 HP Gas Model Portasaw Portable Masonry Saw

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Gas Model Portasaw

Convenient Controls
* Front mounted controls, including the choke, recoil starter and throttle, are within easy reach.
* Dual element air filter is "clean zone mounted" for highly effective engine protection.
* The carburetor is sealed to protect it from dust.

Vibration Isolated Egine
* Neoprene isolators are proven more effective than plastic isolators in reducing vibration.
   They allow belts to deliver optimum cutting power to the blade with reduced vibration for
    maximum blade life.

Belt-Driven Water Pump
* High capacity, belt-driven, solid bronze water pump has a primer and check valve.
* The pump belt is removable for dry sawing.

5.5 HP Honda Cyclone Engine
* Oil drain hose.
* Equipped with shut down system that stops the engine if a low oil level is encountered.


Portasaw Portable Masonry Saw

Quick-Mount Cutting Head
* Patented cutting head design allows easy removal of the powerhead for transportaion.
* The bearing collar folds down, so the entire cutting head assembly can be easily lifted off.

2 Pivot Points
* Only two pivot points for reduced saw maintenance and longer diamond blade life.
* Cutting head pivots on bearings which are sealed and lubricated for life.
* Bearings are seated in a machined saddle, on a heavy-duty support, for precise alignment
    that lasts.

Patented Sta-Level Blade Guard
* Zinc-plated leveling arm with quick disconnect fittings keeps guard parallel to table for
    accurate and extra safety.
* Spring tension counterbalances cutting head.
* Saws cutting head height can be adjusted with a convenient lock handle located on the                    
    counter-balance arm or with the optional foot pedal kit.

Three Methods of Cutting Operation
* Fixed head - Simply position the head to the desired height, then tighten the lock handle.
    Material can then be pushed toward the blade.
* Hold the handle and lower the blade into the material. The blade will return to the upper position
    when force is released.
* With the use of the optional foot pedal kit, the operator can use their feet to lower the blade into
    the material for a more hands-free operation.

Blade Shaft and Bearings
* Provide extended blade life and reduced maintenance.
* Blade flanges are precision-machined for secure clamping of the blade.
* A standard blade shaft wrench is included.

Durable Conveyor Cart
* The cart is cast aluminum for greater strength and rigity.
* Movable rip guide and ruler aid in making precise cuts.
* A vulcanized rubber top is permanently bonded to the cart.
* Wheels are made of non-corrosive metal for long life. They will not deform or nick, resulting
    in more accurate cuts and lower maintenance.
* Cart rides on the sturdy frame of the water pan.

Heavy Frame
* New, removable side handles for ease of transport.
* The "X" braced steel frame resists flexing.
* Open throat design for clear passage of large material.
* Powder coat painted for protection against scratches, rust and corrosion.

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